Friday, October 16, 2009

Taking Root

As promised, an update on Maple... :)

Maple is doing wonderfully! She is great with kids, other dogs, and doesn't pay much attention to our cat. I've been feeding her Organix puppy food, even though she's approximately 2.5 years old, to help her recover from being malnourished and overbred at too young an age. Her fur is growing in nicely and her coat is shiny and gleaming! She has also put on some weight, so her ribs are no longer as pronounced. Her spay site has healed perfectly, and her ear (the site of hematoma surgery) is slowly, but surely, getting there.

Two prospective families have sent in adoption applications to the rescue agency. Both families sound great, so we'll see where the meet-and-greets take us. Maple is a playful, affectionate, sweet girl who would make a great addition to any lucky family. :) I am glad she's doing so well. She has been a joy to foster.

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