Friday, October 2, 2009

I wonder if she knows.

Not my words, but those of Maple's initial rescuer:

"So, it's pouring/thundering/lightning outside, and right now, Maple is sleeping on my bed, snoring loudly.

If we had never intervened, she'd be outside in a mud puddle right now with no shelter, with the rain seeping into her open sores.

I wonder if she knows."

So much said in those few sentences, I felt compelled to share. The e-mail made my eyes fill with tears, not only for Maple - who has finally been saved from a hellish existence - but for the multitudes of other neglected and abused dogs that are out there tonight, shivering in the rain, scared, cold, lonely, bodies and hearts aching. I wish each and every one of them could know warmth, security, safety, and love.

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