Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phoenix, rising

Take a look at this photo and consider this: this is the best this dog has ever known. Despite being post-surgery, wrapped in thick bandages, and stuck in a recovery cage at the vet's office, this day is far preferable than almost any day in Midnight's past.

The hematoma in Midnight's ear was so severe that she required surgery. The ear you see poking out from the bandages is her good ear. In addition to ear surgery, she was also spayed on Monday. Midnight can't tell us if her hematoma was caused by repeated head shaking due to ear infections, or physical trauma. As far as I have heard, her ears aren't infected, leaving one to surmise that the people who tied her to a jump rope are responsible for more than animal neglect. :(

On a happier note, Catherine (the animal rescue queen :)) and I have given Midnight a new name: Maple. Maple trees are strong and beautiful and especially noticeable in the Fall. Thankfully, so was Midnight/Maple. :)

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